Running Log 2012

Monday, May 31, 2010

camping log entry

Note to self. The first order of business after setting up the camper is to get the bikes down from the roof of the 4-runner. As in before any trips into town. Oh well. It's only a bike. And a roof rack. And a bill from the folks who own the parking garage.


  1. oh, man. i once did that with my bike. seat was never quite the same. hope it didn't ruin your trip.

  2. Didn't miss a beat. The ladies were really nice about it. I guess I wasn't the first guy to rip their clearance bumper out of the ceiling. I'll just suffer a little at a time while I pay to fix things.

    Hey, I liked your number 10 before you changed it. That's a tough gig. Those guys have to go about trying to do the hardest job on earth while half the world is busy hating their guts.