Running Log 2012

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of my favorites

I remember first seeing these guys on SNL. Margo was wearing some earthy red summer dress. I was in love. Then to my dismay a few weeks later I see that creep Spicoli following her around. I was ready to fight.


  1. I saw them in Scottsdale touring behind that album and she spent the entire evening griping about how how it was. She had burned her feet when she walked barefoot to the pool earlier in the day. Canadians are not good with heat.

  2. Man, when I lived in Buffalo for a couple years, I really became a fan of Canadian bands. Saw Blue Rodeo at a small bar in Buffalo and they were a blast. Went to the music festival up in Barrie, Ontario. The best though was seeing Tragically Hip when I lived in Houston. Those were the days. Now for the past eight years I've progressed from Barnie to Miley Cyrus. Oh my achy breaky heart. Thank God for youtube and the local college station or I'd be totally lost.