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Monday, August 9, 2010

running with hemroids

This is a bit of a sensitive topic and I wasn't sure I should talk about it. But I thought there might be a reader or two who has experienced the pain and discomfort that comes with this delicate situation and might offer treatment advice.

You know how it goes. You probably would have preferred to run alone. But social pressures being what they are, you agree to share your Saturday morning run with a small handful of people from the running club. First there's the starting time. You've got a routine and you're ready to go at 5:30 am. Most of the others are as well but some body's got an issue with that and doesn't want to start in the dark or some other nonsense. Then there's the route. Simple enough. I proposed one. Objections. OK you decide. That's not enough, I'm supposed to appreciate why the chosen route is better. OK fine, it's better; can we go now? The pace thing doesn't bother me since I can run at any pace and really don't care. Well it doesn't bother me if doesn't constantly come up as some debatable concern.

Maybe I'm just a grouch or something and I suppose other people are more tolerant of the inevitable pains in the rear that come our way. I don't know; maybe I should be medicated. Stress and dehydration may have snuck up on me as well. I understand this is not too uncommon an affliction for men my age and that pregnant women occasionally must suffer through these episodes.

Perhaps others will care to share their own treatment for such occurrences whether they be minor irritants or show stopping ordeals.

Ran six this morning....gingerly....and by my self.

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