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Saturday, September 4, 2010

a good place to run

I managed pretty well with the 5k this morning. The race was not adverised as a road race or as a trail race. It had kind of a cross country feel to it. Right down to old school recording times on paper as we passed the finishing clock. Started on soccer fields where it ended. In between paved trails through the park, a couple jogs through parking lots and a swing on a grass and gravel path around a baseball park.

I flirted with using my trainers for the race. They're a little more substantial than the mt 100's and I thought they might be better for my heel. I warmed up in them and the heel felt servicable. I thought let's slip these 100's on and see how they feel. Heaven. Plenty of support. So I ran the race in them and about half way through the pain completely disappeared. Finished 2nd in my age group; 7:02 pace. The weather was perfect.

Coming back into town, I drove over the dam and down route 6 where I do my long runs. I normally start these runs in the dark and don't ever see the midmorning crowd. But with the great weather, people were running, walking and biking all over the place. There's a bike lane on both sides of the rode that runners and bikers happily share. Everybody just seemed happy and content to be doing their thing. This is a nice place to run. I'll come back for a 13 miler at sunset. Or maybe sunrise. We'll see.

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