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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GPS - Heartbreaker

The entry in Wikipedia for Loran starts out:

"LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) was a ........" Was! As in no longer. Gone the way of the Piranha sp2 or the Charleston 15 miler.

Granted the Garmin's are more light weight. And you don't scrape the antenna on low hanging tree limbs. But sometimes progress just takes an emotional toll that is more than I can take. Somethings you just wish you could cling too and incorporate into your life forever. Like vinyl records, or my MT 100's.

But we are battered through life by forces we cannot control and cannot withstand if we try to fight. I guess all I can do is fondly remember my Loran guiding me safely to the ten mile box cars and back to Masonboro Inlet. And maybe I'll eventually embrace the techonology that would have told me this morning that I ran six and not five miles.

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