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Sunday, September 19, 2010

starting over

Another three or so miles in the Piranhas. Averaged 8:57 and got fast a couple times. Learning how to run. Tearing away at the ground with my paws. Feet get tired. Adding some strength and flexibility exercises for the left foot. I'll get there soon enough.

I got these Piranhas back in the spring just cause I wanted to fool around with them and see if I was even qualified to run in them. And they were a closeout special, so what the hey. I concluded I didn't really have the skills and gravitated toward the mt100's instead. The little bit of support and incline seemed to be perfect. Come forward to September and the 100's are implicated in crimes against my left heel and thrown under the bus. Now my choices are to move on to the flat shoe or back to a shoe with more cushioning and a big chunky heel. The mt100 seems to be pretty unique at offering the best of both worlds. Like any American worth his salt, I strive to have my cake and eat it too. But like many Americans in these particular trying times, I am having to ask the hard questions and make choices that will determine my level of success and true happiness.

So I've got the Piranhas. They feel great for a couple miles and then my feet get fatigued. I can really tell I'm running differently though and I like it. And then I've got a pair of "performance trainers" which are basically a neutral cushioned running shoe a little lower to the ground and slightly lighter (kind of like a Pontiac ain't really a Chevy). They feel heavy and give me less pleasure, but I can run forever without my feet getting tired.

I guess the question answers itself. We'll see where this leads. I can see myself pulling off a 13 miler in the next month or so. The marathon talk might have to wait; January might be pushing it. We'll see. But I don't really care about running a marathon anyway. I just want to get better at running and be able to run whenever and where ever the opportunity presents itself.

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