Running Log 2012

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

thinking about it

Got the OK from the chief. She'll take any excuse to spend a day in Charleston. Putting me through 19 weeks of torture is cheap.

My issues are many:
One is my ingrained belief that the whole marathon thing has become a cliché and that I want no part of it. But as I witness other people go through the experience I am beginning to believe that there is still something special about it. Guess it's kind of silly to think that just because lots of people want in on something that it must be pointless.

Other issue is my left ankle. It's just always been a weak link. It's like my foot is just not attached right or something. I'm getting serious about strength and flexibility in this area. We'll see where this goes. Other than that, I should be physically capable.

Finally, same as everybody else. Where do I find the time for the training. Yeah I know. That's BS. Nevermind.

One more con. I would actually have to have a plan. Ick.

I can already run fifteen miles. What's another ten. I mean eleven. eleven point two. Oh God, that point two's gonna kill me isn't it?

Fee is $85 if I decide by Dec 6th. Guess that's pretty cheap these days. Basically local. Hotels aren't bad in January there. Field is capped at 5000. So I get to avoid a lot of the cost and circus that turns me off the idea in the first place. On the other hand, I could have signed up yesterday for $65. Already I'm such a chump.

I get to run a marathon. I get to put one of those little stickers on my car and be part of the tribe. Even better, if I fall over in the last 100 yards I know where I can get a 26.1 sticker. Now that would be cool.

I get to do something really hard. I get to do the thing that I think I cannot do.

So, yeah, I'm thinking about it. This is gonna suck. Or be really cool.


  1. Though it feels like the world is running a marathon, you'd still in the 2% of mankind who actually cross the finish line. Kinda cool, huh!!??

  2. 2 percent? I had no idea the path was that well worn. Are you sure about that, cause I've been warned not to trust your numbers. Not saying who tipped me off.

  3. Oh, man. This is horrible. It's like watching the kid in a stroller rolling slowly into the intersection and there's nothing you can do about it. OK, you COULD get up from your table and go save him, but then your beer wouldn't be cold when you got back. The couple can always have more kids; this is your only beer.

    I worry that it's going to be so easy that you'll be disappointed by the whole thing. Luckily toting your 2-pound Garmin should make it a little harder.

    (look out --- sounds like Jill is in her Coach Jill mode. If you sign up with Coach Gary, you can sleep in.)