Running Log 2012

Sunday, November 21, 2010

build it and I guess I'll have to?

They're bringing a marathon to my town in March of 2012. Just when I had that travel expense excuse down pat. The thing is going to be point to point and follow the fall line of the Saluda river from Lake Murray to the state capital. Should be a pretty route if they lay it out right. The capital is up on a pretty high bluff, but still this will overall be a slightly downhill race albeit with a strong uphill finish . I guess I could always claim I don't do downhill races. Worked once already when I didn't feel like running a 10k.


  1. You will run this, you know you will.

  2. Bad news. It runs right by my house and my girls are already excited about setting up a lemonade stand. Guess I'll have to stay home and help out.

  3. I've run many marathons but never one where I have lived....though I once ran Rocket City, where I once lived, but only after I moved away. I won't say I'd never do Denver Marathon....but I doubt it.