Running Log 2012

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

game plan refinements

Just went for a 5 mile rehearsal to test a couple things.

One was the MT100's. I'm leaning their way now. They are not as fast but they give me the sure footedness over the length of the race and up and down the hills that I will need. And on fresh legs, I'm not sure they really are any slower. They encourage a slightly different step. More flat footed. Anyway, I think I've got it figured out at least for race day.

Second thoughts on the Garmin. I always thought it was strange these people running with their Garmins at a race. Aren't we paying somebody to keep our time? But playing around today, I've become at least partially convinced that I will benefit from knowing my real pace as I go. I think now if left to feel, I might come in at an 8:00 pace. But if I'm watching my pace and make myself push a little closer to the red line, I can shave that down quite a bit.

I'm OK with crash and burn with two miles left in the race. I'm not OK with finishing and believing I left something on the course. Alright, I'm fine either way. I've got a day job after all. Still, I'm taking a go for broke mentality. If I'm not bent over lying on the ground crying for Mama at the finish line, then something went wrong.

Downfall will be tightness in my left calf and hamstrings if I don't get them stretched out better than they are right now. Three more days. Plenty of time if I stay at it.


  1. Good choice to wear the watch. :)

    If you have a foam roller, I would be using that on the tight hammy and calves.
    I really like the go-for-broke attitude here!

  2. Or, if you have a few coffee cans laying around ERG can show you how to duct tape them together for some sort of torture device she found in a book on the Spanish Inquisition.

    Just remember to drink a lot of water on Friday, and to relax. You will "crush this like leettle bug."