Running Log 2012

Friday, December 10, 2010

December Miles - A Work in Progress

It started with a whimper. Couple miles here. Couple miles there. Total of four through the 4th. Which has some logic to it.

Then I decided to jump on the MMSRMTP bandwagon. It's a newfangled marathon training plan being followed by a guy down in Corpus Cristi. What you do is look at the calendar. On each day of the month, there's a number that tells you how deep into the month you are. The idea is to each day run the number of mile corresponding to said number on the calendar. It seemed a little complicated to me, so I started on the 5th by waiting for the daily run report from Corpus and then I would go out and run the same distance. I did this the 5th, 6th and 7th.

The 8th was kind of funny. Upon learning that my wife had made out my schedule for me that evening I launched into what can only be described as an all out mid life crisis. I vowed to hit the bricks and leave my family to fend for itself. Upon announcing my intentions to the world, I was immediately offered a walk on part in a toga party in North Carolina. One stipulation was that I would have to run a half marathon in the freezing cold and then that night hold some girls hair back while she drove the porcelain bus after a pub crawl. This all sounded super of course, but wisdom prevailed soon enough and I scratched the whole idea and vowed to stay with the family. I skipped the eight mile run, went out with the wife, and ... well got nothing. Crap, can I still make it to Thunder Road?

Waited and waited for the report on the ninth. Nothing. Decided to run nine anyway. Ran ten today. I see my friend in Corpus has switched to running at night in order to enjoy the Christmas lights. Smart man. I'm beat. Contemplating eleven tomorrow. Who knows. I hope that guy in Corpus knows what he's doing.


  1. i'm think mmsrmtp relay, in which i pass the baton to you tomorrow.

  2. Apparantly I did not explain myself well enough. You see I'm quitting running and moving back in with my family.