Running Log 2012

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and I've got a peaceful, easy feeling .....

Hey Dad, how was your day? Did you have a great day at work?

It was OK.

OK? It wasn't great? Why didn't you have a great day?

I guess it was pretty good.

this morning waiting for the bus.....

Bye Dad. Now remember, I'm going to ask you if you had a great day, so you need to have a great day. OK?


Did I mention she's my hero?

12 miles so far in 2011. Resting a couple days. Got the crud that's going around.


  1. Good luck getting rid of that crud.

    We all must have heros - you made a good choice!

  2. Mr. Pants has an easy workaround for this dilemma:

    Have a GRATE day. You can answer honestly, kid can be happy, you move one day closer to booting the twirp out of the house. Everyone wins.

    Glad I could help.

  3. I'm hoping that a new gig will allow me to see my "twirps" in the mornings before they head off to their work. I miss that.