Running Log 2012

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's just a jump to the left

I was a little unnerved by the Tuesday night out of body experience. So to restore my equilibrium, I went out to run again tonight. But tonight I changed things up and ran my eight mile loop which is sort of like my five mile loop but with three more miles. I can report that I ran and can remember the whole thing.

There were no alien abductions, no time warps, no senior runner moments, no minor stroke, no auto pilot and my eyes were open the whole time. I also had my eyes peeled for cars with New York plates as I have a new found respect for the dangers they pose. As an insurance measure, I wore my Piranhas so that I would feel every foot step. And I remembered to turn on the Garmin (and yes for those fooled by the Willy Loman reference I am of sufficient means to own a Garmin; I honestly just forget to turn it on).

It was a great run and I am safe at home. Good night everybody and happy running!


  1. your piranhas will
    protect you from harm, by dint
    of the stench they give

  2. Nuts. I was hoping for a "new" experience.

    Good deal on the safe run.

  3. And a step to the riiiiiiiight.

    Cool. =)