Running Log 2012

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A guy I know from a running forum who also operates a famed radish averse blog site has laid down a challenge for anybody interested to join him in a consecutive days running contest. The name of his contest is The Great Garbanzo a Gogo Consecutive Running Day Challenge and Barn Dance © or GADZOOKS for short. The object is to run three miles each day at a minimum 15 minute/mile pace. Starts today and goes until Mr. Gogo quits or until all other contestants quit and Mr. Gogo remains running. As a historical reference, I tried to keep up with Mr. Gogo as he employed the now famous MMSRMTP © the first two weeks of December. I was hanging in there for a while, but eventually the old man whipped my ass and I had to drop out. Or my wife gave me something else to do; I can't remember exactly.

I will use this space to document my progress and compliance with terms of said contest:

09Feb11 - 3 miles after work, 9:40 pace, outside, 45 no rain
10Feb11 - 3.1 miles (11:07)
11Feb11 - 3.1 miles (10:20)

..... to be continued.

Thought of the day: My Dad always told me "never let a hippy know where you live." Or was is hippie? Either way, I'm gonna need a story for how I got that cool mug.


  1. How did you get GADZOOKS from "The Great Garbanzo a Gogo Consecutive Running Day Challenge and Barn Dance"? Not that it matters, because I love it!! What a great name for such a fun contest. =)

  2. The actual name is Garbanzo's Adventure/Disaster Zoo Of Konsecutive Silliness. Thus the acronym GADZOOKS.