Running Log 2012

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I apparently have what are called multiple small tears in the plantar fascia of my right foot. Hence a little rest and a lot of ice. I'm not sure how long I will continue this attempt at recovery.

This actually started last summer. It first came to be on a long run one day. I felt it go. It felt like something just sprung. And that was it. The damage was done. It didn't hurt so much. Mostly just felt odd. So I kept running. I wanted to perform well in the Governor's Cup. I wanted to get faster and run longer. So I kept running and kept pushing and kept ignoring the pain and discomfort. I would start out running and the fascia would just feel tight. No amount stretching could make it feel right. But within a mile at racing pace I feel that strange sensation again. Like a spring loosing it's tension. Then it would feel like there was something in my shoe underneath the forefoot. And then I would just keep running.

I got what I wanted out of my last race. It was my first half marathon and I ran it at a faster pace than any 10k I had ever run. But I see now that I got the last of the goodie out of my foot. Should have shut it down then and I'd be closer to recovery. Oh well.

I've been icing at least twice a day and haven't run in a week now. I've got a bunch of stretches I'm doing. Every thing I read talks about months and months of no running. So there is the question. I can run just fine like it is. Just hurts more and more. Do I spend the time and let it heal right? Maybe I'll try.

I'm checking out exercises I can do to make me a stronger runner when I make my come back. I think I'll get back to stretching the calves and hamstrings regularly. The March RW has some pretty good core and butt exercises. Maybe I'll focus on those and then I can change my RW handle to Bubble Butt Ernie.

Ugh. I miss running.


  1. Take the time and heal correctly. In the long run it will be better for you. I was looking at those exercises too, figure most girls(IF meowsmom and CK and NCRunner are most girls) like guys with butts, so I can tell my wife to watch out!

  2. I didn't realize you had torn it. Sorry :( ...
    Hope you heal quicker than most. No amount of sympathy truly makes you feel better when all you want is a nice run.