Running Log 2012

Saturday, April 9, 2011

some people say there's a woman to blame

, but I know; it's all Gary's fault.

Did another three; this time in my 101's. Did fine. I'm finding myself focusing very closely on cadence and form and there's only so long you can do that before you get lazy and break down to well worn habits. So two or three miles is still a good distance for me. If I want to increase weekly mileage, I may go with two a days instead of longer runs.

I'm listening to Jill who said listen to the Sock Doc. You've got to have faith in something. So if it's not going to be the Presbyterians, it might as well be the umpteenth chiropractor who thinks he's a doctor.

Curiously, the Sock Doc seems to be saying I should be runnng in something like the Piranhas. I guess he won't be an expert witness in my upcoming lawsuit.

I suppose convention and perhaps intellectual property laws dictate that I mention that the title of this blog entry is from a Jimmy Buffett song. But then again I doubt I could ever produce anything that would be confused with intellectual property so consider this little footnote moot.


  1. Cadence tip: Re-watch Bill Murry's "Stripes."

  2. Speak of Presbyterians, you have 12 followers. Can walking on water be far behind? (and i'm betting walking on water would be gentle on the feet ...)