Running Log 2012

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

good thing I charged my Garmin

I appears I've been drawn into another one of those endless running challenges that require me to actually measure the distance I run every day. It always seemed to me that running a distance that is measureable should suffice. But I don't make the rules. That would be the NCAA; who will then change them the next day depending on the spread.

As soon as I get these little twerps off to bed, I'll run my three. Damn that Senior Runner.


  1. Hm? Is there a challenge from SR?

  2. Yes! Senior runner is offering a set of oven mitts to anyone who will carry him piggyback over the course of the Incarnate Word Academy Marathon. Ernie, having carried his kids for countless years, is a natural for this contest. I've put down my wager already.

  3. damn. i dropped out after one day. that was one mighty short streak.