Running Log 2012

Friday, November 4, 2011

a sign I might be going to hell

I'm doing my long run today on some back country roads as I've been want to do lately, when suddenly this truck is barrelling around the curve headed straight for me. I have practically no shoulder at this point and the truck is hogging the white line and driftening ever so slightly into what shoulder there is.

I look down at my Garmin for some reason; I'm at 6.66 miles. Oh no! Change! Change! Change! 6.67. The shoulder widens. I dodge left. The truck corrects back toward the yellow line. All is well.

Next time I'll wear my Garmin upside down, just in case.

Twelve miles in the books. That's if I were one to write things down.


  1. Nice run! You could also just change that to kilometers :))

  2. In a pinch you also can run backwards, causing the number to go back down.

  3. If you wear the watch upside down, be careful at mile 9.99....I think that truck is after you.