Running Log 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

why I'm not running

Everytime I go outside that Rick Perry fella is pestering me to vote for him. I blame Gary for making him feel so out of place back in Texas.


  1. I read in an interview the day after Iowa that he decided to stay in the race during his morning.

    This is definitive proof that running may not be such a great idea after all.

  2. God bless Dan Savage.

    Although God likely will not.

  3. Put those two on CSPAN and charge admission! Yeah, I'm one of those geeks who miss Firing
    Line. God bless Bill Buckley.

  4. I'm the geek who watched Newt in a meet and greet line for 15 minutes on cspan yesterday. I love those things where they have an open mic and you get to hear the inane banter between a candidate and the 85,000th person he's shook hands with that day.

    "God bless you for running, Newt!"

    "Thanks. I'm counting on your support."

    TV doesn't get much better than that. Which is actually sadly true.