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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my lying cheating sole

How awful is it when you start hiding things from your spouse? Things about your life that bring you pleasure. Things she doesn't really need to understand. Things she should not object to, but convention says she must.

It started kind of innocently. I started hinting I needed some new camping shoes. We were going camping and she is fine with spending money on camping supplies. So I went ahead and got the new balance MT100's. But I couldn't let her see the running warehouse box, so I had them sent to my work address. Next thing you know we're sitting at the camp site and she says "when did you get those shoes?" I said these are the camping shoes I talked about getting. Oh. I eventually established that you can run in these shoes. Extremely versatile product.

The problem with getting away with something you know is wrong is that it becomes easy to move ahead to the next crime. Another pair of running shoes to my work address. Another pair of shoes to explain away. Quickly pay the credit car bill before she notices. Where will this end? I don't know. But I love my MT100's and I scored some racing flats at a close out bargain.

I'm having fun; who's gonna get hurt? Am I right?

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