Running Log 2012

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trail Shoe Infatuation

I got a pair of MT100's a few weeks ago because as I explained to my wife, my old camping shoes were worn out and I needed a new pair. Now that the camping trip is over, I'm having a hard time setting these shoes aside for the next trip. I've actually used them a couple of times as running shoes on my neighborhood run. Amazingly, these camping shoes are the most amazing running shoe I have ever worn. I want to wear them on every run now. Now I presume that if I do that, the knobby things on the outsole will get worn down very quickly from running on pavement.

So I'm wondering, does anybody out there have experience with using the MT100's extensively on pavement? Should I expect to ruin the outsoles if I keep this up?

Thanks. Now I'm going to spend some time on to see what they have for church shoes. My wife noticed mine were getting a bit grungy looking.


  1. The black version of MT100s would make an excellent church shoe, and set a fashion trend for those hilltop Easter sunrise services!

  2. Thanks again for throwing me that insight from Carlo. No longer concerned. Ran my six tonight in the 100's, then walked the dog barefooted. Just can't get that boy interested in shoes.