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Friday, June 4, 2010

Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

I was watching a college baseball game today and saw a runner get thrown own at second trying to steal. Something seemingly simple but yet truly remarkable occured to me. It just so happens that the time it takes for a pitcher to throw to the catcher and for the catcher to pop up and fire to the second base is pretty much always the same amount of time it takes for an accomplished base runner with a decent lead to run to second. The margin of error determines safe or out.

Think about that. How did it work out that way? Think how boring the game would be if the baseball flew just a tad bit slower on average or if the typical baseball player could run like Ricky Henderson. A single would be as good as a triple; just like in softball for ten year old girls. Somebody took an interest in this is all I can figure.

In football, and basketball and hockey, they are constantly tweeking the rules to make the game more exciting from this or that perspective. But baseball is played by the same rules that have been in place for as long as anybody can remember. And the resulting drama and excitement never ceases to amaze people. Now if only God can hold back the torrent of calls for instant replay. He's got his work cut out for him there. But I'm rooting for Him.


  1. Yay!!!!! I totally agree. Replay would be horrible. I was so glad Selig didn't overrule. How silly would that have been?

    And I'm embarrassed to say I never even thought about the timing on the steal, but that's an amazing point. What are the odds that the exact distance from first to second and the distance from behind the plate would coincide so perfectly? You are wise.

    In baseball related news, my move from az to tx means that i revert to being an astros fan rather than d-backs. i'm thinking i'm kinda losing either way. (although corpus has the astros AA team, which I'm super excited about.)

  2. Being in a minor league town can be a lot of fun. Definitely give them a try. I lived in Houston for a couple years back in the early ninties and used to go to Astos games. Ticket prices were right and concessions didn't kill me. What? Oh, I've just been informed that the Astros are in fact not a minor league team. Who knew?

  3. HEY! Oh, man. If the Astros are a minor league team, imagine what their AA team is going to be like ...