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Thursday, August 12, 2010

maybe it wasn't the yogurt

I never thought about it before. But I wore orange shorts Monday. The last time I ran. It's an old pair of shorts from the early 90's that I still have around. I had forgotten all about the purported dangers of wearing orange shorts. They were handy. My other shorts were in the wash. So there I went on my six miles; then disaster.

I'm starting to feel half way normal again. I'll try a couple miles in the morning in my normal blue shorts. Maybe things will go better.

One thing I won't worry about is distance. Especially after learning about this whole sham with exact distances. (for those who hadn't heard about that, you'll need to talk to run with jill. she can explain much better) I'll run what I believe to be a couple miles. Some people insist a couple is exactly two. But I say a couple is quite elastic and really means more than one but probably fewer than three. At least not substantially more than three, and certainly not six. Should be a nice return to form and set up the weekend for an approximately longish run or two.

Nice to know I can always pick up my training right where I left off.

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