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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pace is So Over Rated

The loop is always a buzz with talk of Pace as if it were one of modern life's essential elixirs. I used to be like you guys back in the day. But I swear it was different back then. It's like when they took Coors national. Used to be you could have somebody from the mountain west bring you a case of Coors when they came to visit. Since Coors went national, you can't get it anywhere. The cost of progress I guess.

Back when I was on the Pace bandwagon you had to actually be Texas to be able to buy it. I'm just indifferent to it now. I've grown to like the Goya brand myself. And there are a couple other brands you can get in the Mexican grocery stores that are really good too. And if you have the time and the ingredients, you can't beat making up a fresh batch of salsa.

I just finished my six mile loop today in a nice gentle rain. It really felt good. I've been recovering from a unfortunate miscalculation this past week and have finally felt well enough to do my loop. I felt it was important to finish the miles after my layoff so I was careful to run very slowly.

How slowly? Well I don't know for sure of course. But I kept a clamp on things by running it in my racing flats. Because if there's one thing I've learned here on the loop; you can't go much faster than a twelve minute mile in a pair of piranhas.

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  1. I think Pace is essential. It's made in San Antonio, you know. Other picante sauces are made in New York City. NEW YORK CITY?