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Sunday, September 12, 2010

marathon talk

Thinking up a to do list if I'm gonna do this marathon thing.

First of all is selecting a marathon. I've started looking at one in Charleston Jan 15th. It's a first for them. Price is right and lodging is decent. My wife loves Charleston and hence is on board. It's flat. Is that good? All my long runs include hills. This seems like a good place to start. I may shop around though.

I need to join a gym. There's one right down the road that has an indoor track so I'd have my choice of tm or short track. Can't let bad weather derail me. And a little cross training might be good anyway.

Numbers: Coach Jenny says I'll be a two percenter. Coach Gary says run a lot. Smartcoach says 16 weeks. I've got 18 weeks to work with. I'm at 30 mile weeks right now and I've had multiple long runs 13 to 15.3 miles. I can run a 10k in about 46 minutes. I've run 13.1 miles in 1:52, 1:54 and 1:56 when I've bothered to pay attention. I don't think I care how fast I run a marathon the first time around. But I don't want to walk and I don't want to quit. I'm 44.

Need a plan. Coach Gary says run a lot. Whipped out a smartcoach plan just so I have something. Doesn't look that hard to me. Time is always the problem. Work. Kids. House. Wife. Dog. Cat. Fish. Cars. Cluttered cluttered life. Need to simplify. No one's cooperating.

Just a muttled pool of random thoughts at this point. I'll boil it down. Reading Born to Run still.

This week. Just finished a 31 mile week. That's the most since early August before the yogurt knocked me in the dirt. Got a 10k race that I really want to do Saturday, but I'll still work in the miles. The race is point to point and I ran back last year.


  1. just another option

    a fine plan and fits in well to the real world, whatever that is. mileage is a little on the low side but that's probably not a bad thing.

  2. also the hanson brothers!

    you might like. basically no super long runs, more quality runs.

  3. Bucks conventional wisdom. Perfect for a trouble maker like me.


    and pfitzinger's plan is the gold-standard for marathon training. (you would want to buy "advanced marathoning" if you do it.)

    man this is a lot more fun than actually running.

  5. Coach Gary may not concur but I'm a big fan of Jack Daniels - the coach, not the whiskey....though there's nothing wrong with his whiskey, I just like beer.

    Holler if you need any direction, I do a lot of marathon coaching, for a lot of Loopsters too.

  6. I used to go to Flag to run on the track next to his office assuming that he'd walk out one day and give me pointers. never happened, but there was a great microbrewery a block away, so what the heck.

    I own the Running Formula and I'm a big fan of the tables, but the schedule makes my head hurt. He actually makes you think for yourself. What's the fun in that?

    (an aside, the coolest thing in the world is when the uppity snot college guys on letsrun start debating what exactly daniels means and then he shows up and explains what he means, only to be shot down by someone who tells him that's not what Daniels thinks at all.)

    If you go with Coach Jill, be sure to get an exemption for orange attire. I think this Day-Glo Orange Lightweight Racing Popsicle is gonna take off and you don't want some fuddy-duddy swimmer holding you back!

  7. Hey if you guys are gonna fight over me, I might just have to call the whole thing off. I'm already in a emotional tail spin over my shoes you know.