Running Log 2012

Thursday, September 23, 2010

random running update

I really enjoyed my Garmin today. I bring Marina to soccer practice on Thursdays. I hang out and read or watch or walk around, but today I planned on a run. It's a great park with a mix of paved paths that loop around and the streets are good with wide grass shoulders. There's a dirt and gravel utility road that runs back through the woods to a cell tower. Lots of opportunity to put together a good run. So I strapped the Garmin on and took off in my Piranhas. Kept the pace slow and got in six miles in one hour. I have to admit. This Garmin is pretty neat. Do people still say neat?

Icing the heel right now. It seems to be getting better since I put a hold on running in the 100's. Not sure. The left calve seems a lot tighter than the right. Still trying to figure it out. Maybe six was too much. But I like to push.


  1. two words: radish salve.

  2. If you found the magic heel cure, be sure to send that stuff my way!!

  3. i gotta say this was a pretty mediocre post. i can hardly recommend it.

  4. I prefer to think of it as run-of-the-mill.