Running Log 2012

Sunday, September 26, 2010

just another run-of-the-mill post (or a first time for everything)

I ran sixteen miles in my Piranhas this morning. That's the first really long run in these shoes.

I took my first ice bath today. The tray of ice from the fridge ain't quite enough. But it was a good drill and I think it did some good.

First time taping my nipples. Used band aids; worked fine. I figured with sixteen miles, it was time I start doing this and sparing myself a little pain. But it makes the shower less interesting. Kind of like when you've been out in the sun all day and you don't feel any sting because you had number 30 sunblock on the whole time. There's just something missing.

The first time I ran the Garmin battery to death. Luckily, I had just completed my newly designed eight mile loop. So I took the watch off, drank some go go juice, and went for another lap.

My mileage for the week was 35 miles. That's the most miles since I actually started logging my miles in June. I'm pretty sure I've topped 40 a time or two before, but who knows.

What the heck am I doing? Well, I guess I'm trying to put my self on the proper footing for marathon training or at least for running longer races than I have been. Learning tricks of the trade like the ice bath, getting the mileage up, and most importantly settling on some good technique so I can just run and run and run without all this getting hurt nonsense that so many seem to struggle with.

Oh, and the heel is getting better all the time. I may have to admit that Piranhas hold magical powers. Or maybe it's the radish sandwiches. I don't know.


  1. dang it. gluten free. can one make a radish tortilla instead? do magical healing powers remain?

  2. The Mexican restaurant I frequent serves corn tortilla tacos with sliced radishes on the side. I'm pretty sure the proprietor believes in magic.

    You can skip the gluten. But don't skip the enjoy. Very important enjoy.

  3. back in az our favorite mexican restaurant served whole radishes on the side. we called them "weapons."

  4. wasn't it Zevon who said "Enjoy every radish sandwich"? And then he died. Enjoyment totally overrated.

  5. YIKES! how did you manage to get banned from RW? Quite a feat!

  6. I think DUDE ratted me out. Didn't like me stealing his work. Oh well.

  7. comments not working on rw. this is all that shows. you scofflaw.

    write kevin and beg.

    Name Withheld: This activity was done by a user who has been blocked by our staff.
    42 minutes ago

  8. Wow! That's wild. I can only see this if I log out. I unleashed the shmem kay again yesterday and then started replacing the the content and title with other stuff. Last straw I guess was copy and pasting DUDE's poem with the title The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (credited DUDE of course, but still DUDE didn't like it). It's deleted from the system now. Gotta hand it to DUDE. He doesn't take any crap. Good news is that the report abuse button works if you ever need it.