Running Log 2012

Thursday, September 30, 2010

what was I supposed to do?

They were just sitting there under the chair where I had left them. So inviting. So seductive. I wanted to run my new eight mile loop. It was raining. I know the Piranha's aren't made of sugar, but still I didn't want to abuse them like that. They're already looking broke in. So yeah. I did it. I ran a hard eight in the rain with the 100's. And nobody got hurt. The Piranha's were upstairs the whole time and don't even know. The heel's still fine. The 100's are back under the chair. Better not push my luck.


  1. for what it's worth, i think we blame shoes way too much. Doesn't make much more sense than blaming an injury on a particular pair of shorts. Unless of course they're orange.

    Injuries just happen.

    Can I post this to RW as part of your in exile greatest hits?

  2. You can post whatever you want. But how you going to bail me out if you get yourself booted?