Running Log 2012

Thursday, October 7, 2010

maybe I'm just lazy

I haven't run since Sunday. That was a quality eleven miles at a quick pace and it felt great. But the right shin has been tight ever since and work is burying me and I'm trying to get the camper ready of a four day weekend. So I'm not running. Maybe tonight. But I think a good three or four day layoff is good for me once in a while. Sometimes I think it is just good to let my legs absorb the work they've done. Or maybe I just get lazy.


  1. Just don't let the lazys take too large a hold. They are really hard to shake. But, some time of from time to time, can be good for the soles.

  2. man. glad you have a long weekend. you've been working way too hard.

  3. Have a nice 4 day-er! I hope your shins behave for your next run. Maybe a little rub down?