Running Log 2012

Monday, October 11, 2010

Damn French

We still tell time the same way the Babylonians did. If only we had stuck with the base six number system, we could have saved ourselves a lot of confusion.

The elementary school is filling my kids' heads with nonsense. Seems that we will all be using the metric system some day so we might as well get prepared. I tell the girls not to worry; they were telling me the same thing when I was a kid. All a scare tactic to make us Americans want to quit.

Next thing you know, kids will have to stop running the 100 yard dash or the 220. What?


  1. Hey, we switched in '77. Don't you remember the really cool videos with the guy driving his car with his wife, and he sees the speed sign that read, "Limit 88" and he buries the peddle? I LOVED that vid. I should look to see if it is on YouTube. Today was a balmy 16.6 degrees.

  2. My bad. I forgot we have states that surrendered to the Canadians already.

  3. I distinctly remember in school grousing about learning it while they assured me that the change was immiment. Of course they also assured me I would be using geometry on a daily basis. Luckily I had my revenge by sleeping through most of it.

    No. 3 on the loop!!!!! Imagine if you hadn't been exiled most of the month ...

  4. I think they should start keeping a list for most penalty minutes and comments rejected. I noticed they kicked somebody else out. Don't know who. Undoubtedly the poor fella is trying to follow my lead.

  5. I like metric. I am just confused about the pounds/kilos part. Nothing like having the speed posted at 100K / hour :)