Running Log 2012

Monday, October 11, 2010

run much?

I took a full five days rest this past week after a brisk eleven miles last Sunday. Part of that was due to the legs needing a little recovery. The eleven was pretty much a tempo run by my standards and so the longest tempo run I've ever done. Then work was bearing down on me with the Finns crawling all over the place and soaking up my time and energy. Finally Friday came and I hitched up the camper and we went down to our favorite campground outside of Charleston. I finally ran a couple miles Saturday and then four on Sunday on the trails around the campground. Tonight I ran five while Marina did soccer practice.

I'm calling this my reverse taper. I've got a Pikemi (what some call a half marathon) coming up soon so I'll call this five day rest my taper and just run my ass off until race day. I can't see any good reason it shouldn't work.


  1. Och Aye! That seems to be working for me so far. I have been "Gently Cramming" for my pikermi on my 42nd birthday. I am still working with a slightly bum ankle, but I am looking forward to that day for a couple of reasons. I will leave this as a tease, since it will make a fabulous blog entry.

  2. Sounds like your leg's doing better! 11 miles tempo- wowzers!

  3. 5 days of rest probably helped you more than hurt you. 11 miles of a tempo run sounds intense. Very impressive!