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Friday, October 22, 2010

the reverse taper picks up steam

Been running like a fool this week. I think I've got in 24 miles so far and plan on a long run Saturday. So back over 30 I am. One thing I'm not bothering with is that pesky log. I run more if I don't keep track.

And speed work too! Today I ran my first mile repeats in twenty five years. Slower than I realized. The first mile was 7:42, but that was just getting warmed up and stretched out. Then it was 6:32 and 6:42. I ran a mile at 9:00 for cool down and then walked a little. I was never very fast when I was young. Six minute miles was about what I did back then, so six thirtyish ain't too shabby.

Got my Governor's Cup half on the 13th. So I figure I'll run hard next week as well and then start winding down.

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  1. I've got my little Pikermi in only 2 days. Picked up the keg for after yesterday. I haven't run at all this week, as work has eaten every possible amount of life from me. I am looking forward to Sunday though. Good luck with the "anti-logging". I only track how far, so I know when I get to get some new shoes.