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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Triumphant Display of Ignorance

Bob Davie is a moron. But man is he smart. In the final drive by South Carolina in their game against Kentucky on Saturday night, Davie was beside himself when Steve Spurrier called a time out to set up a throw to the end zone in an attempt to win the game. Apparently in the eleven seconds that were left, Carolina was supposed to get the line set, snap and spike the ball to stop the clock. Then they would run a play to try to score and if it didn't work would call a time out with one second on the clock to allow the field goal team to set up. The pass to the end zone resulted in an interception. As in, it didn't work. So Bob Davie is a genious, because he told us so. Nevermind that nobody has hired him since Notre Dame kicked him to the curb.

Marina's soccer team won though by two goals. Her coach has three rules for game day. Have fun, play as a team, and play your best. Probably doen't care what Bob Davie would say.

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  1. say what you will about bob davie, but "Lola" is still a great song.