Running Log 2012

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Goals

My first goal was to formulate some 2011 goals by the end of January. Too late for formulating so I'm just gonna spit ball some things.

My fastest 5K pace has been 6:50. I really don't care how fast I can run a 5K. What I'd like to do is to extend the 7 min pace out to a longer distance. I ran the November Governor's Cup, a 13.1 miler, at a 7:18 pace. The old math says 6:52 is the pace I need to bust 1:30 for that race. I'll check with my 5th grader to see if the new math can give me any help.

I like the way my calves keep getting thicker and heavier. Maybe that can be an end in itself. I need a plan to start tracking progress. Need to figure out how to weigh my calves I guess.

I'd like to continue to avoid ever running a marathon. It will take serious commitment to stick to this one as I continue to run into people who want to encourage me toward this arbitrary achievement. I even ran with a couple people yesterday who tried to seduce me with the three day training plan. Still I may extend my long run to 20 miles or longer; just cause I like to run. To me it is just about increasing my capability. Steady as she goes.

Above all, I'm going to enjoy my running and enjoy getting better. I'm working in some cross training now to strengthen certain areas that may have been holding me back. I'll continue to work on my form because I like to tinker.

I guess that's enough goals. Don't want to overwhelm and discourage myself. Besides, I've got Christmas lights to take down.


  1. I'm sure the three-day marathon training plan is fine for "Professional Runners," but it seems a bit excessive in the real world. I would suggest you opt for one of those joy-buzzer belts that allow you to develop stunning abs while standing in line at the Chic-Fil-A.

    And don't forget to log de-lighting as cross-training. Especially if your lights are in the shape of a cross.

  2. I can identify with wanting to extend out that 5K pace for as long as possible. But dang it must burn like the dickens.

    funny post :)

  3. Sounds perfect to me...if you goal is speed, why slow down to run a marathon? Thanks for the reminder about the Xmas lights...

  4. It's almost time for Easter Lights, people! You just unplug them for three days and then turn them back on again.

  5. I was promised a complimentary pudding if I visited here. May I have it, please?

  6. I was also lured here with promises of free pudding. Pay up.