Running Log 2012

Friday, January 7, 2011

don't they know it's still Christmas?

We've never been good about taking down the Christmas decorations right away. So when I learned that some consider it good form or good luck to wait till New Years Day to take them down I was all in. But then we went one better. Eight years ago we got ourselves two rug rats from Ukraine where Christmas is January 7th. So now as long as we hold one present back we get an extra six days to keep the lights shining.

At first it was just us. Then this year the guy across the street who is Greek Orthodox joined in. The Russian family down the other end of development was on board last year. And the Ukrainian lady around the corner is absolutely ecstatic. So that's four of us in solidarity keeping the lights burning six days too long. Still too soon to take them down if you ask me.


  1. I'm with you...Mine are still up and burning bright as soon as the sun goes down. Though, that may be more indicative of my being a World Class Procrastinator, rather than supporting any oddities from calendar switches.

  2. Sorry. when my kids blew me off this year - my tree came down on Christmas.

    Good idea you have.

  3. Just add a large, ornamental groundhog with a few lights wrapped around it and you're covered through early February.

  4. Ours came down before New Years. I knew I wouldn't do it if left to myself so I had to get it done when the whole family was around to help. It's a relief to get those things gone each year.