Running Log 2012

Monday, January 10, 2011

had the chance to use my Vibrams today

It's rare in South Carolina that I get an excuse to pull out my Vibrams. The weather usually just isn't a good fit. But I got to use them this morning and so got to experience some of the thrill that all you Vibram folks talk about.

For the most part though I have to say that I still don't get it. They really don't seem all that minimalist to me. But then again, this isn't really a day for minimalism so the protection and arch support was kind of nice to have. The toe box is roomy enough though and the heel capture is perfect I have to say. Overall, a very comfy shoe. Not sure I would recommend it for serious distance though and it's challenging for me anyway to maintain a good pace.

Anyway, I'm glad I got a chance to use them today. Not sure keeping track of the miles is worth the effort as I still won't get many chances to use them. For you folks up north, enjoy your abundant opportunities to sport your Vibrams this winter, but please for the benefit of those of us in the warmer climates, try not to rub it in too much.

Here's a couple polaroids of my Vibrams. They're a few years old but I'm assuming they are pretty much the same as what I would find on the store shelf today.


  1. remember to wear without socks so you can feel the ground.

  2. I have three pairs of Vibrams, two are very similar to yours, and one that is very similar to a Florida Cat's.

  3. Hahaha. =D Totally had me wondering "what on earth?" until I saw the pics. Love it. =D