Running Log 2012

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What are you doing up there?

I'm just sitting. I like sitting up here. I can see all over.

You know you worry your mom climbing trees don't you.

Look Dad; I'm being careful. Look; I know what I'm doing OK? Watch this. See? This is the strongest part the branch. I know not to climb out here where it does this.

Did you tell here to come down?

She's fine.

What is she doing? Why does she have to do that?

She promised she wouldn't climb any higher. She knows what she's doing.

If she falls, you're taking her to the hospital.


  1. ah, this explains the two-child rationale. always pack a spare.

  2. Hmph. My hubby asked me the other day "did you see how high he is in that tree?" I was thinking- good exercise- not fighting with brother...