Running Log 2012

Sunday, January 30, 2011

my cut back year

I think I may spend this year consolidating the gains I've made. You've got to do that from time to time. I read about it all the time.

So far I'm off to a good start. The only semi serious running week I had in January was last week when I got in 28 miles in four runs. This week I ran once. That was three miles on the treadmill at the gym I just joined. I had planned on running six, but my knee started hurting after three. So I went over to the stationary bikes and started riding aimlessly. After 30 minutes of pouting on the exercise bike, I did some lifting and called it a day.

I was going to run a ten mile race next Saturday, but it's not looking good. Too bad because the preview of the course I ran was wonderful. My left knee still hurts. My left hip has been tight and grouchy for two months now. And I've been in denial about what increasingly appears to be PF in my right foot.

I'm going to get past this lull some how. Maybe with a nice long run. No wait; that might hurt. Maybe with a nice long nap.

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