Running Log 2012

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the nap sure was inviting

But in the end, I chose to run. I figured eight miles would push me into to double digits for the week and I could make the plausible claim that I don't completely suck. And if I can't run eight miles with my left knee screaming at me, how am I ever going to finish a difficult race when everything hurts for the last ten miles no matter how well prepared you thought you were.

I believe the sore knee stems from my overly exuberant first day in this gym I just joined. First day I had to sample every machine in the place. Leg extensions are what got me; I'd bet on it. Just a strain. Today the knee was hurting after the first hundred yards and didn't stop until I was done. But on the bright side, it occasionally changed from screaming to throbbing. I recommend throbbing when you're give the choice.

Plan for this week is to get in twenty. I may still enter that 10 miler next Saturday. With any luck, the knee will still be hurting and I can really get my money's worth.

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