Running Log 2012

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10% rule explained

With the help of Google and the good people at Rodale Inc., I've learned that you should never violate the 10% rule AND the 10% rule is for sissies and should be ignored completely.

Where's an arsonist when you need one?


  1. This is so true.

    After I had baby (#3) 2 years ago, I threw that rule out the window...and went back the the 25 MPW I ran right before delivery as soon as I could start running after childbirth.

    I think it might be reasonable in circumstances of normal steady running, but who does that? We race, take chances in training, go too easy on it for months on end sometimes...Life happens and you just have to figure out where to pick it up.

    Hope you are sorting out your injury stuff and healing up well!

  2. Third kid, 25 mpw, right back at; hmmmm.. Yep, I might be a sissy.

  3. In the two week reprieve I had in January (thanks, cortisone shot) I ran 20 miles one week and 57 the follow. Haven't run since. I'm pretty sure I'd do the exact same thing ... if I ever run again.

  4. Only believe 10 percent of what you read. That's why I mostly just look at the pictures.

  5. Hooks come out of ducks pretty easily when you are pulling the feather's out of em =D

    I am sure you aren't a sissy! I just jumped back into things recently because I got to thinking....dang it Kara goucher is already up to 120MPW and HER baby is only 6-7 months old...I did the math and she couldn't have started at zero. She probably had every medical device known to man strapped to her while she was running at first though....Anyway. Sorry for making a blog post here!

  6. That's fine. Somebody's gotta make this thing worth reading.