Running Log 2012

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

no worse

I suppose it was about two miles tonight. Flat ground. Slow. It really felt great. My foot was fine right till the end when I could feel a little tightening in the base of my toes.

Here's the deal. I'm committing myself to shorter strides. I ran in the Piranhas. I thought about some cushioned shoes, but cushioning and support are not the problem. I've been overstriding with my right foot forever and it's time I get it right.

I stated earlier that one of my goals for 2011 is to really learn how to run. So here it starts. I'm going to exercise the discipline to limit my stride length and increase my turn over. I'm not worried about how fast or how far I'm running for now. I'm just going to lift my kness, swing my hips, plant my feet and experience the feedback.

The foot will just have to play along.


  1. you should play the 180 game. try to hit 180 strides a minute (if you don't already.)

    just pick a foot and count, aiming for 90. solves all the world's ills. which is only fitting, given that you are responsible for them.

    Or maybe drinking heavily ...

  2. What a relief. Here I thought one beat was left right.

  3. Shoes tied together = shorter strides

  4. @Jenster - I've seriously thought about doing that. Either that or running in a long tight dress.

  5. Watching and running proper stride rate (180) can really improve your running a lot. Good luck