Running Log 2012

Saturday, March 26, 2011

project 180 - day two

My would be tiny jockey just laid out a girl twice her size on the soccer field this morning. I'm glad I've been treating her reasonably well up to this point. Two miles is as long as it's going to get for a while. Apparently, I've never used my hamstrings before. I've confirmed what I sort of already knew before which is that I tend to shuffle my right foot a little on landing. But not if I go fast enough. And not at these high turnover rates even if my forward progress is glacial. This is harder than it looks. Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that it looks kind of strange, at least the way I'm doing it.


  1. wow this is an interesting experiment. Are you purposely changing stride now?

    I'm definitely thinking you should up the kid's allowance immediately. Just in case.

  2. I read your last post and am impressed with your rapid turnover. I tend to fall a little short of 180. Keep experimenting. The return to runnign is NOT graceful at first.

  3. keep that 180 turnover going, its worth it