Running Log 2012

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grand Rapids, Michigan would like a word with you

This video has already gone viral, so I don't suppose I'm really causing any harm here.

I think I saw some runners go by and there was definitely a girl with a racing bib pinned to her, so see this is running related.


  1. how would you like to be the schmuck who misses his cue at 9:10, forcing the whole thing to start over again. exiled to detroit, i would imagine.

    p.s. i typed in and was greatly disappointed by the inferior writing till i realized it wasn't you at all. there's going to be a lawsuit between the two of you one of these days ...

  2. Yikes! Thank God he's not very prolific. I could probably buy him out cheap if I wanted to.

    Radish season not so good this year. Neither was that broccoli. Might could switch to I Like Summer Squash.

  3. That was awesome! Those crazy Grand Rapidians.