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Sunday, June 12, 2011

more info for Garmin 305 - link for software update

Or perhaps this should be viewed as a prerequisite to get the best performance out of the Garmin. As with so many devices you buy, by the time you get it out of the box, the software installed is usually not the latest and greatest.

I remember seeing from Barefoot Larry a while back that you need to update the g chipset software in the Garmin 305 for it to lock on to satellites quickly. I never got around to doing it, but am trying it now. Trouble for me was that I couldn't find my way through Garmin's website to get to the downloads available. Ended up googling Garmin g chipset updates.

Here is the link that I found that get's you the download. Just click on download with your Garmin attached to the computer and follow the bouncing ball.

Once again, my 305 seems to be locking in quickly now. We'll see if it continues.

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