Running Log 2012

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I feel the same way about vinyl

Reading the jacket, blowing the dust off, holding it between your palms as you reverently place it on the turn table. The first pop as the stylus lands. I've been slow to let it go, and in some ways I just can't and I guess I never will. Thankfully I'm stocked up.

We'll see what happens with the books. Maybe I should clear out all these relics. I do need room to stock pile incandescent lightbulbs afterall.

In the mean time, my Garmin still can't find those darn satellites.


  1. I am researching a way to get the Internet in hard cover. Sadly, I'm researching it on the Internet.

    I remember bringing home the first Neil Young solo album, reverently putting it on my turntable, and immediately dropping my keys on it. "The old Laughing Lady" instantly became a 1:30 minute song. sigh ...

  2. I have started taking everything outside with me and putting it on while my watch finds the satellites for 10 minutes...

    Thought you might like this link, based on an earlier post:

  3. Thanks for the link! I guess I can pick my poison. I'm doomed either way.