Running Log 2012

Sunday, October 16, 2011

eleven and a half miles was just too much

It's been hanging in there just fine without any complaints. Lately it's been locking on to satellites in seconds. It hung in with me fine yesterday on my elevenish miler. But then today, nothing. No display of any kind. Nada.

Maybe it was the ish part. Some folks are real sticklers for running round numbers. My plan was ten. But I had time and space for some extra, so I kept going. Anyway; back to dead reckoning. It was always my preferred method anyway.

Tomorrow, the plan calls for run till it's time to get ready for work. The only technological challenge will be the snooze button.

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  1. Were you indoors? Had you moved hundreds of miles from your last location? Was today April 10, 2011? Your Garmin needs to know these things.