Running Log 2012

Thursday, November 7, 2013

life by the drop

Here's the way I see it Dad.  Life is really a story.  But we don't know how to put the story into words so instead we use actions.  So our lives are stories told by actions. 

Wow!  I am impressed.  You should write about....

Dad! I'm not done.  Really they are long narrative poems.  So our lives are epic poems.  And we are the heros in our own epic poems.  Anybody can be a hero you know.  Lots of actions can be heroic.  You can just help a friend who fell off her bike for instance.  You're a hero.  See? 

uh huh, hey can you talk like this while we run?  I think we've walked enough.

I can't really talk and run at the same time.

OK.  Let's just walk a little more.

Title: Doyle Bramhall with Barbara Logan wrote Life by the Drop which was performed in studio by Stevie Ray Vaughn and included on the posthumous album The Sky is Crying.  Album released in 1991.


  1. you really ARE a hero, you know ...

    1. just part of my devious plan to have her voting Republican.